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How many sand bags will I need to hold the silage tarp in place?

Below are the sand bag count recommendations based on tarp size. The spacings are one bag every five feet on the perimeter and ten bags down the middle: 24x100=60 bags 32x100=64 bags 40x100=66 bags 50x100=70 bags If your area is not windy, you may be able to get away with less. Sandbag weight averages 10-15 poun…

What is the wind rating on your caterpillar tunnels?

There is no official wind rating on our tunnels. The caterpillar tunnel is designed to be a moveable structure. Therefore, it is inherently not made to withstand high winds. A tunnels ability to withstand wind is based on at least 6 factors: 1. Soil type 2. Water Saturation 3. Bracing 4. Anchoring Selection …

How Can I Reduce the Chance of Wind Damage to my Caterpillar Tunnel

The forecast for wind or snowstorms can give rise to anxiety for many farmers. How do you best prepare for these events? The tips below can assist you in reducing the chance of sustaining damage to your investment. As the elders say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The wind is best prepared for by …

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