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Basic Irrigation Requirements
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1. Filter Assemblies (Optional)

  • Screen filter- city water

  • Disc filter- pond, creek, spring


2. Valve/Pressure Regulator Assemblies (Optional)

  • Manual or auto­mat­ic valve with 35 psi pres­sure regulator


3. Flow per Sprinkler Line (GPM)

50-ft  4.9 gpm     100-ft  9.8 gpm


4. Pressure Regulator at 35 psi

  • Flow Range: 5 to 17.6 gpm
  • Unit Size:34


5. Supply Line Requirements

  • 34″ diam­e­ter or greater sup­ply line works best
  • 1″ diam­e­ter or greater sup­ply line works best


6. Water Pressure Requirements

  • At least 30 psi


7. Automatic Irrigation Controller

  • Power sup­ply: 9‑volt bat­tery, included
  • Programs:
    • Once a day at the same time every day. (Factory pre­set 15 min­utes at 6:00 am)
    • Once a day at the same time on select­ed active days
    • Up to three start times per day on select­ed days
  • Extra modes:
    • Stop all irri­ga­tion activities
    • Manually start a pro­gram with the option to man­u­al­ly or auto­mat­i­cal­ly stop active program
  • Backup: On-board flash mem­o­ry to safe­guard settings
  • Operating Temperature: 32° – 122°F (0° – 50°C)
  • Storage Temperature: 14° – 140°F (-10° – 60°C)



Drip Irrigation

What do you need to make a kit?


  1. 20′of head­er line for irri­gat­ing up to 5, 30″ beds
  2. Hardware for 12 lines of drip irri­ga­tion for water­ing up to six 30“ beds @ 2 lines/ bed
  3. 1500’ of drip tape
  4. Filter (screen/ disc), valve (automatic/ manual), and pres­sure regulator


Drip Line Specs


Lite Duty

Heavy Duty

Wall thickness

8- mil

12- mil

Max Pressure

17.5 psi

40 psi

Inner Diameter

0.638 in

0.636 in

Emitter Spacing

12 inches


Flow Rate

0.23 gal­lons per hour at 10.0 psi

0.42 gal­lons per hour at 10.0 psi





Field Irrigation

Please see attached documents for the specs of the sprinkler heads.

Wobbler Features

  • Counter-bal­ance reduces vibra­tion for a smooth, sta­ble performance
  • Only one mov­ing part – which trans­lates to longer life
  • Connections: 34″ or 12″ NPT male
  • Flow rates: 0.78 to 6.97 gpm (177 to 1583 L/​hr)
  • Operating pres­sures: 10 to 25 psi (0.69 to 1.72 bar)
  • Low wind drift and evap­o­ra­tive loss at low pressures
  • Two-year war­ran­ty on mate­ri­als, work­man­ship and performance
  • Color-cod­ed noz­zles for easy size iden­ti­fi­ca­tion. Warranted to main­tain cor­rect ori­fice size for five years



Meganet Features

  • Perfectly bal­anced sprin­kler with two equal water jets — no wobble.
  • Robust design is closed and com­pact pre­vent­ing insect pen­e­tra­tion and pro­tect­ing inter­nal parts.
  • Excellent dis­tri­b­u­tion uniformity.
  • Install on sol­id sets or in remov­able field stands.
  • Each unit has an indi­vid­ual fil­ter for noz­zle clean­li­ness and to sim­pli­fy cleaning.
  • Color-cod­ed for easy identification.
  • UV pro­tect­ed mate­ri­als are durable in all climates.
  • Resistant to fer­til­iz­ers and chemicals.
  • Optional MegaStand™ for leak-proof con­nec­tion to FlexNet™ flex­i­ble pipe.
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